The Characteristics of A RIGHTEOUS WIFE in Light of the Qurān and Sunnah


Imam 'Abdul-Aziz ibn Baz aill was asked about the traits of a righteous wife, so he answered, "A righteous wife is one who is steadfast upon the commands of Allah.

She guards her Prayers by praying them at the correct times. She keeps herself far away from displaying her beautification when she goes out to the marketplaces. She is well-known for her fine conduct, appearance, and behaviour. This is the righteous wife. So, the woman you wish to marry, ask concerning her [character] due to the saying of the Prophet "Marry the one with the religion and you will be successful." So, if she informs you that she guards her prayers, that she covers herself and does not display her beautification -and she does not involve herself in lying and so on (from the sins), then this is the righteous woman. May Allah make our affair and your affair easy."

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