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Arabic Quran

Arabic Quran

English Translation of Quran

English Translation of Quran


  • The best gift I have received thank you so much! Inshallah Allah always blesses you sweetheart! Thank you again. I love it so much!
  • Assalam Alaikum dear sister💕 Jazakilahu khairan. We received our Quran and MashaAllah it’s the most beautiful shade of blue. May Allah bless you in your business and May He bless you and your family with the best in everything. Ameen
  • My heart pounded out of my chest the moment I opened the parcel and saw the most precious gift I have ever received! I was overwhelmed by the meaning beyond it as I felt it's a reminder to always stay by God's side. Thank you @imaanshop for the very beautifully covered Holly Qura'an.
    Shahad (US)
  • I hope this message finds you well. I just wanted to say thank you for my beautiful Quran. It arrived on time for me to take it to Umrah and I was allhamdullilah very happy to have it. Here is a picture I took after my last tawaaf
  • I've been studying Arabic since 2008 (I converted to Islam in August, 2008). I had gotten up to about the second grade level--able to write paragraphs, read a bit--but in August 2016, while in hospital recovering from emergency surgery, a nurse gave me the wrong medicine and I had a stroke. I spent 5 days in the intensive care unit and then a few more days in a surgical step-down unit before going home. Sadly, one of the things affected was my memory. I'm having to start over again with Arabic, pretty much. So I thought the children's book I ordered from your wonderful shop would help me regain my Arabic skills. I can still say my prayers, but my ability to write in Arabic is back to the pre-school level. Insha'Allah, I'll get the skills back with prayer and work! I'm very grateful to be alive, basically.
    Anne (USA)
  • Thank you so much for this beautiful Quran and tasbih! I got it as a gift for my cousin to gift her on her nikkah...I look forward to making more purchases for myself and to gift to close friends and family members!
    Yameena (USA)

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