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The vision of the Ramadan Legacy Product Collection is to inspire Muslims to make their Ramadan meaningful, memorable, powerful and everlasting once again. We all have big aspirations in life, but we don’t know how to achieve them, especially when it comes to aspirations relating to our faith. We all want to become better but we don’t know how. Our personal educational products have been designed to make you succeed in your aspirations all-year round, provide a simple yet effective plan for success and help you achieve your biggest goals in Ramadan and beyond.

Our educational products has been crafted with care, built with barakah, and designed with your religious aspirations and goals in mind. They seamlessly balance productivity, spirituality, and remembrance providing an enriching and uplifting learning experience.

Product Headlines
The Ramadan Planner that does all of the thinking for you
The perfect Ramadan is only a page away
Your personal, practical, and inspiring Ramadan action plan
Your personal Ramadan coach, that fits in your bag!
The planner that speaks to your heart page by page ...

They say ‘be a better Muslim’, but how do we achieve that? When life gets busy, overwhelming or confusing it’s hard to design a plan to improve our spirituality and religious worship. But in the month of Ramadan Allah provides us with a blessed opportunity to hit the reset button.

The Ramadan Legacy Planner is designed to help you not only plan and succeed in your personal Ramadan goals and schedule, but also live a truly spiritually uplifting life all-year round. It guides you through a step-by-step 3-month roadmap: before, during and after Ramadan, that embraces the power of remembrance, spirituality and self-development. It's more than just a Ramadan planner. It nurtures you to become the best version of yourself and gives you a strong foundation to live a fulfilling religious life.
The planner takes you through powerful, practical and reflective exercises that will help you gain a better understanding of yourself, your worship strengths and weaknesses, and then create an organised plan to set, plan and track progress towards your religious goals.
Get yours today and join tens of thousands of Muslims having a life-changing Ramadan.
While using the Ramadan Legacy Planner, you will be encouraged to:
Plan your life around things that truly matter
Set goals that will make you feel truly happy and fulfilled once you achieve them
Practice deep self-reflection so that you understand yourself better
Start each day with an inspiring structured schedule and plan
End each day with gratitude and shukr
Cut out things that hold you back
Heal past pains and strengthen relationships with your loved ones

Smart Digital Interaction
Scan the QR codes to digitally interact with the planner and follow our video guides on how to make the most of the planner and immerse in extra Ramadan content!
Elegant Islamic Design
Every detail matters. We carefully and thoughtfully designed the flow and user interface of the planner. It speaks to your heart page by page.
Handcrafted Exclusive Quality
Hand drawn artistic embossing, Japanese smooth quality paper, and a compact soft leather cover for a compact, stylish and practical feel.
What's Inside The Planner?
Pre-Ramadan Stage: The Month of Sha’ban
A practical personal development plan to help you spiritually prepare for the month of Ramadan and course correct your worship routine. Follow our simple 5-point plan to enter Ramadan with an imaan filled heart.
Stage 1: Knowledge for Your Ramadan Journey
Learn inspirational knowledge that you need to internalize the purpose of Ramadan and cover off on the beautiful highlights of the key stages of Ramadan in terms of its spiritual depth and importance in your life. We also have authentic du’as, tips, tricks and a welcome video!
Stage 2: Powerfully Prepare for Ramadan & Beyond
We take you through powerful reflectives exercises to help you understand where you are with your faith, where you want to go and how to get there. We cover everything from writing your personal story with Allah, setting your vision and goals, creating a master du’a list and more!
Stage 3: Journey Through Your 30-Day Action Plan
Never miss an act of worship with our 30-day action plan, featuring a daily schedule, checklist of prayers, Qur’an tracker, sunnah habits, goal tracking, and daily reflective space to journal each day. We also have personal reflection check-ins to give you space to breathe along the way and make sure you are on track for a successful Ramadan.
Stage 4: Continuing The Ramadan Journey
It doesn't stop there, we provide a guide on what to do after Ramadan ends including reflection practices, a 30-day post Ramadan action plan and how to maintain the essence of Ramadan. There’s also plenty of space at the end to journal and use the planner as a notebook!
Stage 4: Continuing The Ramadan Journey
It doesn't stop there, we provide a guide on what to do after Ramadan ends including reflection practices, a 30-day post Ramadan action plan and how to maintain the essence of Ramadan. There’s also plenty of space at the end to journal and use the planner as a notebook!
Bonus Section: Extra Trackers To Boost Your Ramadan
Our bonus content will boost your Ramadan productivity. Track your bad habits, plan your iftar gatherings, calculate and record your zakat, follow our Qur’an reading roadmap and what to do when you can’t fast!

Rose of Faith Planner
Aside from their beautiful fragrance and captivating appearance, roses hold great importance in the life and history of Islam, and as a symbol in poetry and literature. The Rose of Faith design is inspired by the six articles of faith in Islam. In life our strength in our faith withers and strengthens however the beauty of Allah and Islam stays constant. We beautify ourselves and the people around us just as a rose beautifies the Earth.

Product Specifications
A5 5.8" x 8.3" sized planner
Artwork postcard inside
Soft-leather flexi bound with curved edges
136 page full-colour high quality printing
Japanese speciart smooth quality paper 110gsm

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