Eid Sale 2024 | Family pack| Tajweed Bookmarks cards


It's so important to have the Tajweed rules at hand when learning to recite the Quran. No more looking into the back of the Quran or other books, all you need is this bookmark. This bookmark is very simple and straight forward.

Unlike the colour coded Quran, which tells you exactly where the rules are, this bookmark explains the rules but you have to identify where the rules are in the Quran yourself. The benefit of this is that you know the rules and are able to explain them.

This bookmark is 20cm x 10cm (double sided).

It is covered in a thick gloss laminate, which makes it very durable.

You are getting quality and durability, which in a teaching environment is very essential.

The options available make it perfect choice for your gift baskets or to give a meaningful to every member of your family without breaking your wallet. 

Quality: This item is 100% handmade. While we try for the highest quality manufacturing of every product, the uniqueness of each piece lies in the minor imperfections (that may very well go unnoticed) with hand made crafting. 

Shipping: We will process all orders in the sequence we receive them. FREE Shipping within USA only. Shipping to world wide locations will be calculated at check out.

Disclaimer: Please read before purchasing so as to ensure a smooth experience with your transaction

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