Basic duaas for Children


Tne duas in the book are:

  • Dua before sleeping
  • Dua after waking up
  • Dua for morning and evening
  • Dua for entering the toilet
  • Dua on leaving the toilet
  • Dua after Adhan
  • Dua before starting salah
  • Dua al Qunoot
  • Tasbeeh (glorification)
  • Dua upon meeting a muslim
  • Dua before eating
  • Dua after eating
  • Dua when leaving home
  • Dua while entering the home
  • Dua to increase knowledge
  • Dua on boarding a car or other vehicle
  • Dua for wearing new things
  • Dua to thank Allah
  • Dua to thank parents
  • Dua to thank people
  • Istighfar
  • Saiyyidul Istighfar

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