2 pc prayer clothes (Lycra fabric)



Muslim women wear special clothing for prayers. This prayer outfit consists of two pieces: a long skirt that has an elastic stretchable waist that allows for adjustable length and a top/head cover that covers the head, shoulders, and arms and goes past the waist.

This Dress Is Perfect To Wear Over Your Regular Clothes At Home Or At The Mosque; Also Perfect For Hajj Or Umrah. Easy-To-Wear, You Will Be Ready For Prayer In Seconds! also be used on special occasions, like Eid, Ramadan, or shahada! It can be given as a gift to female friends.

The dress is loosely cut and does not reveal body lines. It is suitable for use on top of other clothing. It allows for easy movement. It is made of high-quality, soft, and smooth Lycra. It is comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. There are several colors available and they are all soft color with low saturation which are very elegant and neat.


Top/Head Cover: 42" in front x 50" in back (± 2 inches)
10" Face Opening
Skirt: 42" length x 28" width (± 2 inches)
*The adjustable slider waistband sits slightly below the regular waist.


This item is handmade and machine sewn


We will process all orders in the sequence we receive them. FREE Shipping within USA only. Shipping to world wide locations will be calculated at check out.


There may be slight variation with design as these are handmade. 

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