Tawakkul. That's how I got through it. Tawakkul Amputation would have been more difficult had it not been for my complete trust in Him. Mental vision was blurry - I couldn't see ahead. Experienced doctors didn't have many answers. We were taking it day by day, scan by scan. But Allah The All Wise, The All Knowing knew this was the best time to test me. Allah tested me during a time in my life that my imaan was stronger than couple years before (not strongEST but strongER). He is the best of Planners. Without having any time to think, it was because of Tawakkul that I said Bismillah to the surgery after being diagnosed with cancer. I knew it in my heart that I've got to trust Him. "And put your trust in Allah if you are believers indeed..." (Qur'an 5:23). I knew it in my heart that Allah got this. And look a year later, I'm here alive, healthy, smiling Alhamdu lillah. mudassirsworld.blogspot.com says it perfectly: "By leaving your affairs to Allah by depending on Him, by trusting in His promise, by being pleased with His decree, by thinking favourably of Him, and by waiting patiently for His help, you reap some of the greater fruits of faith. When you incorporate these qualities, you will be at peace concerning the future, because you will depend on your Lord for everything. As a result, you will find care, help, protection and victory." Click here for my Cancer Story   Follow me! Instagram Facebook Twitter YouTube