My Struggle with Focus During Salah (Prayers)

I pray daily, Alhumdulillah, but I have a hard time praying with full 100% focus.

My mind races with so many different thoughts: what to feed kids next, what to cook for hubby, when is my mother-in-law's next Dr appt, did I forget to call my Mom today, how to sanely manage my businesses, all the other family issues, etc. 

It's funny that I can focus on everything else I put my mind into but why not prayers? I was taught to read Arabic but don't understand it - maybe that's the reason? Maybe I can't connect because I don't know what I'm reciting? I feel guilty that I can't dedicate 5 minutes of my time to worship Allah SWT without having other thoughts on my mind. Does this make me a bad Muslim? 

I remember when I first started my journey on learning my religion, Islam, I was too much focused on the "end of times" rather than focusing on improving myself as a Muslim. I recall there was a political event that occurred where I felt "this is it, this is the Akhira!" and I rushed to pray. Had so much fear but prayed with so much dedication and focus. But then you get back to being consumed with the duniya affairs that you forget salah should be the most important task of the day.

My next action plan is to learn what I am reciting so that when I say it, I mean it...not just recite because I'm told to recite. I want to feel it from my heart, In sha Allah ❤

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