Why does Allah Say That Hearts Think?

Why does Allah say that hearts think?

When mentioned in the Quran, “heart” implies heart’s thinking power because Allah says revelation, ayah, faith are inside the heart. When we think from the heart, we are reminded of Allah.⠀

A botanist can tell us the species of a tree, age, best environment to grow a tree but if you look at that tree with the heart, not from brain alone, you’ll be reminded that Allah brings life out of death because that tree at one point was just a seed. Allah brought good out of it. Allah brought life to it. We are reminded of our own mortality when we see a tree.⠀

A scientist can look at the sky and tell us lots of things. But we can look at the sky and find humility. We can look at the sky and say that Allah SWT says:
“…do you see any flaws?” Quran 67:3. ⠀

You can look at the world around you from a scientific lens, from a skeptic lens, from just scenery passing by but if you look at the world around you with your heart, then you’ll see what other people don’t see.⠀

The Quran’s view is that everything you see physically in the world around you can turn into a spiritual reminder.⠀

Everything is an ayah.⠀

(Summarized from Nouman Ali Khan)