The Six Qualities of DAWAT and TABLIGH


The importance of the work of Da’wat and Tabligh especially during the current era cannot be overemphasised. Alhamdulillah, this work is well-known and through Allah’s mercy, its rays have spread throughout the world. Similarly, its benefits and positive results are visible to all. Many people have changed the lives through the blessings of this wonderful work. The publication in your hands discusses the fundamental and famous ‘six points’ of Da’wat and Tabligh. During its compilation, an attempt was made to adhere to brevity and comprehensiveness. This concise booklet, together with its layout will, Insha Allah prove beneficial for its readers and workers of Deen. Similarly, students as well as children will also, easily be able to memorise the virtues and related incidents as the language adopted was very simple.

Many related Ayaat and Hadith have also been widely quoted in the various sections. May Allah accept this compilation and grant all its readers the ability to practice as well as propagate the teachings contained therein. Aameen

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