The System of Islam (Nidham Al Islam)


This excellent book is translated from the original Arabic book 'Nidham ul Islam’ by Sheikh Taqiuddin An Nabahani, an Islamic jurist, ‘alim, writer and the founder of Hizb ut-Tahrir - the largest Islamic global political party under a single leadership.

It lays out the fundamentals to develop a strong Islamic personality and da'wah carrier. It begins with laying the foundation by explaining the correct way to belief.It proves the existence of a creator intellectually and the Quran as the final revelation sent to humanity by Allah (swt). It then goes on to clarify the important creedal concept of Al-Qada wal Qadar (fate and destiny), which is often held in a vague or confused manner.

The third chapter, its largest concentrates on explaining the different ideologies that exists namely Capitalism, Communism and Islam highlighting the differences between them giving the reader a clear framework to understand the world that we live in.

After having laid the basis for the correct belief, intellectual and political thinking, it then moves onto address the key Islamic legal principles. The short chapters are intended to focus on the most important aspects such as Usuli subjects like the meaning of Hukm Shar'i, the types of ahkam shariah, Sunnah and emulating (ta'assi) the actions of the Messenger (saw).

The last section of the book also clarifies misconceptions regarding spirituality and morals according to Islam as well as articulating the need for a constitution for the future Islamic state.

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