Prayer Rug Bundles | Premium Medium Quran + Plush antislip Prayer Rug

$55 $79

Prayer Rug - anti slip backing, plush prayer mat 47” height and 29” width 

Quran - Medium size - 

7.5 inch height and 5.5 inch width - Default is Uthmani script. Please message us if you would like to pick Indo pak script instead). 


Prayer mat - ~ 46 inches (height) and ~ 30-32 inches (width) and 0.75 inch (thickness)

Quran - Medium size (Uthmani script or Indo-Pak ) 7.5 inch height and 5.5 inch width


3 lb


This item is 100% handmade. While we try for the highest quality manufacturing of every product, the uniqueness of each piece lies in the minor imperfections (that may very well go unnoticed) with hand made crafting. 


We will process all orders in the sequence we receive them. FREE Shipping within USA only. Shipping to world wide locations will be calculated at check out.


1. There may be slight variation with design as these are handmade. 

Questions?: Please send us a text or WhatsApp on +1 - 209-874-6226

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