My Cancer Story

What was planned to be a quick update for my Instagram followers/supporters about my health, ended up becoming a story that many wanted to hear in detail which resulted in 100+ uploads on Instagram story, thousands of viewers and overwhelming love/duahs from supporters. Alhumdulillah.

I posted these on @imaanshop Instagram Story on February 24th, 2017 but since the story disappears after 24 hours, the new readers wanted to read. I saved it and made a video. If the slideshow goes fast, pause on your device. So here goes…..


Click here for The Desire to Walk Again


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  • Banine Qasemi

    Sallam Sister
    I’m inspired by your story
    Its amazing yes everyone is being tested by Allah (swt) If were not tested, if we don’t see any hardship how will we recognize Allah (swt) Through these hardship we remember Allah n move forward I’d like to share something too
    My aunt died from stomach cancer long ago I was 12 I still remember her till this present day She adopted me when I was 3 from a foster care My mom is Hispanic and my father is afghan when my aunt found out about me she took me in her care until she got married. Then she left me in her younger sister care
    That time she wasn’t married but than got married and have two kids. I don’t know who my mom is or have see her I always pray to Allah one day to meet her and cry to her and to tell her why she left me? What was my crime for leaving me?
    Till this day I hate my father because he never paid any attention to me he never thought about me never took me out cared for me I always saw him with my cousins but never with me. My aunt who took care of me well we never got along at all. I was always different we always fought for little things because we thought differently. Throughout my childhood never had much love or care at all. All I did was babysit kids n left being home alone most of the time. Throughout my teenager things got bad to the point where i skip school, I just didn’t like home because me and my aunt would fight all the time. She always say its my fault her life is bad because I’m stuck with her. I didn’t have much freedom at all never allowed to hang out with friends no cell phone no shopping. I’d stay home all day with her kids n she be outside with my cousin. I got engaged at 17 I didn’t like my husband at that time but after a year I started to get along with him. 4 years of being engaged he came from Dubai 4 months later we got married. I thought my life was set but nope I ended up back at my aunts house n things got worser My aunt did horrible things. I would get so stressed she didn’t let me go to college, she didn’t let me get my permit I was a married woman still I didn’t have my right neither did my husband he had to obey her rules too. After 1 year I told my husband let run away. We did I ran away with my husband, things were very bad at first but we managed it My aunt was furious so mad she said you’ll come back to me n beg on my feet to take me back
    I told her I hope not.
    My point of this story is that I saw hardship my whole life n now I see ease I have a little apartment I call home, I have my first son he’s 5 months n I’m happy with my husband. I live in north Carolina n I have friends who are now family. Through out my pregnancy I did stress a lot because I didn’t have a mom to help me but I had Allah n my friends
    I thank Allah every day for the new life he gave me, for the best blessing my son.
    Allah loves his servants who see hardship because he makes them stronger.
    I saw your snap you have two beautiful kids n they will understand when there older about your leg. Hang in there sister your not alone
    You can add me on snap chat its baneenx3 same name for my Instagram too
    Take care sister

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