IMAAN Shop Customer Shares Story: Anne

This really touched my ❤

My supporter/customer, Anne, shared why she ordered Quran Dictionary for Kids from IMAAN Shop.

Please make duah for Anne 🙏🏼:

“I’ve been studying Arabic since 2008 (I converted to Islam in August, 2008). I had gotten up to about the second grade level–able to write paragraphs, read a bit–but in August 2016, while in hospital recovering from emergency surgery, a nurse gave me the wrong medicine and I had a stroke. I spent 5 days in the intensive care unit and then a few more days in a surgical step-down unit before going home. Sadly, one of the things affected was my memory. I’m having to start over again with Arabic, pretty much. So I thought the children’s book I ordered from your wonderful shop would help me regain my Arabic skills. I can still say my prayers, but my ability to write in Arabic is back to the pre-school level. Insha’Allah, I’ll get the skills back with prayer and work! I’m very grateful to be alive, basically.”

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