50% of Profits Donated

50% of all November and December profits will be donated.

The intent of launching IMAAN Shop was not just to have a secondary income/financial security/pay bills, but to somehow help humanity locally and around the world. My husband and I wanted to do more than “like” and “retweet” the sad images of the suffering seen on social media. My heart aches for all the current affairs around the world.

With the winter months approaching, we want to help refugees in Europe, Palestinians with medical needs and the orphans.

For the months of November and December, IMAAN Shop will be donating 50% of profits to Pious Projects and Karam Foundation, In sha Allah.

Although IMAAN Shop donates % of profits already, November and December will be increased to 50%. All customers who have made purchases already, your purchase will count toward the donation. That’s it! Simple.
All you have to do is make a purchase on www.imaanshop.com . We will ship your order to you and 50% of profits from this sale will go toward the cause, In sha Allah.  That’s it!  Simple, right?

Even if you purchase a Bismillah pouch, 50% of profit will be donated. Every $1 helps.

Please follow us and help spread the word. Tag your friends, repost, retweet, share.


We have not forgotten other countries. In the upcoming months, we intend to help more causes around the world, In sha Allah but will continue to need your support. This will not be a one-time campaign. IMAAN Shop will continue to donate, In sha Allah.

I pray to Allah for the innocent.
I pray to Allah for the suffering.
I pray to Allah for the oppressed.
I pray to Allah for all senseless attacks.
I pray to Allah for all of humanity.
I pray to Allah for the world.

May Allah SWT give us all barakah in this effort and help us achieve our goal to help the suffering.